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The products are super high quality and arrived here in Australia super fast!!

Love the products and they look great on the bow

Wow what great service in I’m Melbourne Australia item was tracked arrived quickly and it works a treat

Great Customer Service!

I purchased these items for a Christmas gift and placed the order incorrectly. Customer service was outstanding and resolved the issue quickly. Highly recommend.

Nice upgrade, but not necessary IMO

It slightly improved the feel of my back wall (PSE Mach 34) especially with the 80% let off mods. However, you can absolutely achieve this feel by removing the little rubber tubes off the factory draw stops. Doing this provides a much more solid back wall. The rollers are an improvement, but I didn’t feel a major change in the draw cycle. Nice upgrades, but I wouldn’t expect massive changes to the back wall and draw cycle - good (upgrade) for other reasons.

Nicer draw

Smoother draw. Does however affect tune slightly, as is stiffer than original rod. Looks good. Quality product.

The Blem Model cable guard is fantastic

The Blem Model cable guard from TAP Archery is Theee cable guard to have on my PSE Stealth/Mach 1 bow. With a great design, robust materials and easy adjustment of the cable guard rod. It should make my bow into an even more accurate and deadly weapon. sincerely, Doug Aikin

A MUST for Tactacams!

I can’t say enough about there boosters. If you use a Tactacam and want a little better video get one now. It visibly reduces vibration in the video, and is a great extra for your bows balance. I have one on both my bows.

Nice piece of machine work, it solved my problem and is working great

Exactly what I needed to replace my screws for my Bear Cruzer bow. Arrived sooner than expected in exceptional packaging. Will definitely order from this company again!

Perfect for the avid bowhunter!

I have used many different stabilizers trying to get the best performance in the woods. Most of them are way too long and bulky. The ElementX gives you the ultimate performance in a small package. No more hitting it on the tree or stand trying to maneuver into place to shoot that big buck.


Bear Adapt

Fit perfectly. So much smoother draw. Really happy with result.

Great part

I like it so much I am ordering more

TAP cable guard

Awesome quality the fit was perfection and the product itself is designed really well. I think the price and quality was perfect

Sam is the man! I was able to pick up this product from TAP headquarters within an hour of placing an order. The product fit and performs perfectly and is a great update from the factory part. Kept me in the stand hunting. I will definitely be ordering additional parts for my bow from TAP in the future.

Great product !!

Quality materials, superb design plus exacting manufacturing process = flawless product 👍👍

PSE Titanium Cable Guard Rod - (TARGET Bows)

Great Product - great Customer Service

The cable guard rod on my bow cracked. I texted Sam after hours 2 days before I was leaving for a week long bow hunt. Sam responded immediately and overnighted what I needed the next morning. I had what I needed in plenty of time to install before I left for my trip. Great product. Thanks Sam!

Solid Back Wall

Great upgrade to the bow, adds a solid back wall with no rubber pieces to fall out!

Noticeable Difference

What a complete night and day difference. It makes the draw smoother, and the shot have less vibration and sound.

The titanium draw stops

They are the best upgrade for PSE bows. My EVO XF had a mushy back wall before. Now it is rock solid! Greatly improve my accuracy.

Guide/Riser bar

Awesome product, easy to install, was tight to install,
The only downside, there was no internal thread for external bolt to screw into.
But I might of had to mention before ordering,
But the grub screw on the riser is good enough!
Awesome communication, overall would happily buy again🙌

There isn't supposed to be female threading on the Aluminum Riser Rod. If there were this would not allow for rotation of the entire unit and would take away one of the product's best features, it's lateral adjustability. All Cable guard rods on the market that have a smooth metal or carbon rod that slides into the Riser use 1 or 2 set screws in the Riser to hold the rod in place and prevent unwanted rotation, ours is no different in that area. Thanks for your support, Sam

PSE Titanium Cable Guard Rod - (HUNTING Bows)

Great bow accessories. TAP comes through with the best products!