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Totally Impressed

First of all, Sam and Titanium Archery Products were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I've been shooting a compound bow for 30 years but this is my first venture with a rear bar. The package offered is perfect for me so far. I can't wait to run it at Total Archery Challenge MI starting tomorrow. Thanks TAP!

*** PSE MACH 34 & LEVITATE ADJUSTABLE Cable Guard System ***NEW for 2023***


Roller are smooth and stop are great.

Easy install great quality

10 min install, shooting great. No complaints. Would use TAP again without hesitation


The cable side titaniun frame/ rollers are great. Lot smoother
The stops are great

Best Products for Bowhunters!

Titanium Archery Products has always made products to always add to the success of bowhunters and their element X bowhunting stabilizer is no different!!!


As stated these stop give a firmer wall then the factory stops from PSE, glad to be rid of the rubber inserts PSE uses!! Sam from TAP was great to work with and makes a quality product.......I'll be back!!

PSE levitate kit

The Tap Roller and adjustable cable guard made my 80 pound levitate, much smoother drawing back.
Also, the titanium draw stops feels so much better. Thanks

Thanks Sam

Keep the innovation going!

Love the draw stops!

Factory draw stops were looking worn out after a couple weeks. Tap draw stops provide a better feeling backwall and seem to cause less ware and tear on the servings.

Pros Cons Ideas for Refinements

Great craftsmanship.
Quick detachment design works perfectly.
Small diameter rod a plus.

When completely assembled with washer, quick detachment and 2 weights total length is greater than 12”.

Only comes in black, no camo or subdued colors.

Weights are simple hole through design, could be threaded.

Ideas for refinement.
Goal: A stabilizer system that when completely assembled does not exceed 12”. From bow: silent washer, quick detachment base, silent washer, stabilizer. Designed to add up to 8oz of multiple weights on the stabilizer without exceeding the 12” standard.

Possible options:
1. Design end cap of stabilizer to have exterior threads so as to twist on threaded weights around the outside of the tube from the end back towards the base. This will ensures that the system meets the 12” standard and and add multiple weights. No allen wrench needed or bolts to lose.

2. Threaded end-caps that allow user to unscrew by hand from stabilizer tube. Once off, load weights by twisting them onto an internal threaded rod or lead tape. Return end-cap, hand tighten. This will allow for the lowest profile as all weights are inside.

Fantastic little add on

I ordered the titanium draw stops for my Levitate because I was tired of correcting the small rubber tracks on the standard ones. What I did not expect was how this small change can change the feeling of the bow! Gone is the wobbly feeling of the bow when the cams stop after drawing the E3 cams over their sharp peak and short valley. On top of that the back wall now feels nice and firm. Great product Sam!

TAP-Titan cable slide slightly blemished

If there are any blemishes, they are not noticeable. It performs perfectly, and is a big improvement over the factory cable slide.

Great addition to my phase 4

The stock string stop broke off in a freak Ice fishing incident. So I looked for something better than what Mathews offered. Came across this. Glad I did! I don’t think this one will break and it made an insanely quiet bow quieter somehow.

Cable slide

Cable slide really improved the smoothness of my draw cycle. This replaced my plastic stock slide and you can definitely feel the difference.

Solid product

The stops are a huge step up from the factory part. I was actually having the my factory stops slip the cable on occasion if the weather was bad and played with my bow tune. The factory stops have a rubber piece that can slip or come out. The TAP stops are just the right size to prevent that even with unintended cam lean. They also provide a nice color accent to the cam

Great product

Awesome service and very nice parts

Great Product

I have 2 sets of draw stops one slide and one rod and Im loving them..! Highly recommended

Best Has Been Made GREAT!

I have the TAP adjustable cable guard on my new PSE Mach 34 and the difference is night and day. Maximum vane clearance is easily achieved and arrow tuning a breeze. The Mach 34 is easily the best bow I’ve ever owned and now it’s even better thanks to TAP!

PSE Upgrades

I Can’t say enough how much of an improvement the package bundle kits for my EVOKE 35 and EVO XF 33 have made on the overall shooting experience! If you’re going to spend some money on flagship bows you might as well TAP them out! Smoother draw, more dead in the hand, better back wall from the draw stops etc. you can’t go wrong!

Rod and roller

Bought for Elite Rezult 36
Great product, fantastic support.

PSE Cable Guard Rod Coupler (7075 Aluminum Alloy) + TiTANIUM Cable Guard Rod

Draw stops

The draw stops are Great! They make the back wall a lot more firm. Plus the titanium mounting screws will hold up much better when adjusting letoff

Great upgrade!

Smooth as glass and screams quality - definitely a worthy upgrade!

The most amazing upgrade

After trying different drawstops, I was blown away by the incredible and undeniable difference in the feel of the back wall on my new PSE Dominator Duo 40. It really felt like I was up against a brick wall. The spongy feeling I was getting from other drawstops was completely gone. So if you like a solid and I mean SOLID back wall.
Then these are an absolute 💯 % must!!!!