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super soft

Thanks to gen2 titan cable slide, no more jerks and the arrows go straight now. Very smooth...

Archery string stop

Amazing product the TAP string stop totally fixed the bow noise I was experiencing! Their fit and finish is top of the line , not to mention the excellent customer service!!! If anyone is in the market for a bow string stop or any other archery products , then you need to definitely check out titanium archery products you won’t be disappointed! Thanks again sam

Great products!

Always have TAP on my bows - great quality American made products!! A+


Love my stabilizers, still playing with moving weights around in front and back. Highly recommend them

Best bumper sticker.

This is possibly the best bumper sticker I have ever had. Fits my bumper perfect!

Roller guard

Very good quality works great!! Smooth and quiet

Draw stops

I upgraded both my Levitate and Mach 1 with TAP draw stops. I have used other aftermarket stops. TAP is my choice. I highly recommend.

New Stabalizers are sick!

Put my new bars on my bow today and the mounting brackets are secure and the bars have killer balance and dampening!! Thanks TAP!

Great Draw Stops

I just put these on along with a new string. I thought my back wall was solid with the factory stops until I used drew back with these. It just feels more solid! I'm transitioning to shooting a thumb release and I tried that and it's truly a surprise shot. If you're on the fence, make the investment, so worth it!

Pse stop

My bow was threaded and i got a 3/8 slide in ! I made it work but good quality

Hello Clint,

I just checked on your order and we did ship you the correct item that the order was placed for! It was for a PSE standard model (non-threaded) TSS unit (5/16' diameter) in the 4-5/8' to 5-3/8' size option. We DO manufacture and sell a threaded model but again this is not what the order was placed for. Thank you for your business! Sam (TAP Owner)

Great device, Great company

I have an old browning bow that parts are no longer made for. I called and talked with Sam and asked if they had a solution for my cable guard problem. He suggested this product and he was right! The cables are out of the way and resting in the rollers instead of against the old cable guard. I received my parts in only a couple of days after ordering.

Vibration Suppressing Washers for Stabilizers -- 4 pieces total

Great upgrades

TAP parts are great upgrades for my bow. The tolerances are a lot tighter than the factory ones. They are worth every cent.

Mach 30

Works great on my Mach 30, smoother, faster and i can adjust it.
Thanks Sam

Great product. Super fast delivery,

This is a big improvement on the stock PSE component. Beautifully engineered and great upgrade to my bow. Delivery was also very fast - 6 days to New Zealand!

Front/back combo

Got a front-back combo after talking to Sam! I love the fit and finish of the bars, as well as how similar they were to install. The bars are awesome and really help to stabilizer my pin float, making groups much tighter!

Pse hunting bundle for levitate

So far it’s a great product, I’ve noticed a smoother draw cycle. After the shot the string stop has sucked up a lot of vibration trying to go through Riser.


Love them Nice solid back wall and don’t have to worry about the lil rubber pieces falling out of the stock draw stops

Didn’t realize swapping such small parts would make this much of a noticeable difference.. all my bows now have tap draw stops and the works.. great customer service the owner called and went over my order and corrected it. Very happy customer

PSE Upgrade Bundle

Great products! Much better than the OEM parts.


Really smooth I love them I also like the draw stops

Element X™️ - GEN 2 - Bowhunting Stabilizer (Some may have SLIGHT COSMETIC blemishes)

Titanium Rod / Roller combo.

Not sure why, after decades, that PSE continues to install inferior carbon rods on their bows. In any event I currently run a PSE EVL 34 and a Mach 34. I have changed out the stock hardware on both units to TAP. Titanium is the only way to go and TAP’s hands on approach with every customer is over the top. Good people and good products.