PSE TiTANIUM Cable Guard Coupler - (Fits MANY PSE Bows)

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We've GREATLY improved upon the PSE factory version of this bow Riser component!

  • One solid piece of expertly machined grade 5 Titanium which is FAR STRONGER than the factory version
  • #8-32 Set Screws are located on the back side of the Coupler -- not on the top as with the factory version -- so that they force the Cable Guard Tube/Rod to remain in the correct position
  • Machined flat surfaces on two sides so that a 9/16" wrench can easily be attached and used for leverage against the tension of the cables when making adjustments for vane clearance and bow tuning
  • SANDBLASTED Matte Grey surface finish on the Titanium for durability and unique appearance
  • Includes: ONE 1/4-20 x 1-1/4" Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screw for CARBON RISER BOWS and ONE 1/4-20 x 1" Alloy Steel Screw for ALUMINUM RISER BOWS with 3/16" Allen/Hex drive head for attaching to the bow's Riser (the factory screw can also be used) AND TWO #8-32 x 3/32" Black Alloy Steel Set Screws with 5/64" Allen/Hex drive head

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Daw
Mybo Revolution

I have installed the titanium guide rod and roller on my Mybo. Super happy with the added draw smoothness over the hyperglide

Perfect and very good product

Perfect and very good product

John Beardsley
Great product

Bought the coupler and tube and been very pleased with both items, no more issues

Tap gear

I have purchased a bunch of Sam's gear upgrading my Mach1 and an Elite bow including stabilizer's. All great quality and Sam is a great great guy to deal with.

Guy Woodward
Titanium Cable Guard Coupler

Another awesome product improvement over stock products. If you want quality, performance and durability then TAP, titanium archery products is your source. Whether hunting, target or recreational archery is your sport, you deserve the best equipment!